Jim Utter Reminds Everyone He’s An Awful Person By Mocking Alex Bowman’s Anxiety

You all know Jim Utter is a truly awful person. However, NASCAR’s media corps resident bag of milk wanted to remind everyone on Sunday that he’s still a terrible person.

Alex Bowman told his team late in Sunday’s race that he thought he was going to throw up. NBC’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. shed light on the situation. When Bowman ran select races for JR Motorsports, Earnhardt said his anxiety would become almost crippling to the point Bowman would throw up. The pressure Bowman puts on himself to succeed appears to be massive. Throw in an elimination format with Bowman sitting on the cut line and it’s a recipe for massive anxiety.

While most normal functioning humans can sympathize with Bowman, Motorsport.com’s Jim Utter couldn’t. Utter started referring to Bowman as #AnxietyAlex.


Anxiety can be a horrendously crippling condition. We shouldn’t be mocking people for their illnesses. Utter is essentially contributing to the stigma around mental health issues like this. Everyone has anxiety to varying degrees and it’s ok to admit that. Utter likely has anxiety any time he has to speak to the opposite gender. Or when he meets a blocked fan in real life.

Utter is a truly awful person. He has media members cars towed at race tracks, Barstool meme’d Utter to death after he took a shot at the media company. Utter is the worst of the regular NASCAR media corps. His race tweets read more like a guy guessing sudoku numbers than live-tweeting the race.

What we’re trying to say here is, fuck Jim Utter.

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