COVID-19 Sacrificed 2020 So It Could Be Marco Andretti’s Year

Turns out all the Marco Andretti needed to halt the beleaguered “Andretti Curse” was a global pandemic.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the sporting world since mid-March. The global pandemic has canceled events, changed schedules, and pushed the Indianapolis 500 from May to August this year.

By moving the world’s most famous race from May to August the curse appears to have hit a wall on May 31st and is eagerly awaiting the race’s May return in 2021. No Indianapolis 500 has ever been contested in August, meaning no Andretti has ever raced at the speedway in August. Hence, no Andretti curse if the race is held in August. Everyone knows curses are calendar dependent, just ask Denny Hamlin and his quest for a Cup title.


Listen, this is Marco’s year.

Sure we’ve been saying it’s his year for the better part of a decade. We thought 2012 was his year when he led 59 laps, it wasn’t. We thought 2013 was but he finished 4th. We thought finally in 2014 he’d pick off Helio and then RHR but he had to settle for 3rd. And yeah last season Marco finished 26th with an absolutely evil car, a car that was painted like Mario’s 1969 race-winning car. It was cursed, basically, double Andretti’s in one car so double the curse.

With the race moved to August and Marco’s car returned to its normal U.S. Concrete livery he’s been unstoppable at the speedway this last week. He led Fast Friday, he won provisional pole on Saturday, he won pole on Sunday and then proceeded to led Sunday afternoon practice as well. Marco is unstoppable. In the opening session of the week on Wednesday he clocked in 2nd, and in the second session on Thursday he was 3rd.


All that stands between Marco and racing immortality is Carb Day and 200 laps at the speedway on Sunday.

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