Lawrence Stroll Needs To Bench Lance Stroll & Sign Sebastian Vettel To Ensure The Strongest Lineup Possible For Aston Martin’s 2021 Season

In high school, our basketball coach was ruthless. For 4 straight years his son tried out for the basketball team and every season his dad cut him. Just an absolute savage move, however, Coach didn’t care about feelings, he cared about winning.

Lawrence Stroll needs to take the same approach with his son Lance.

Rumors are flying out of the F1 paddock that Racing Point team owner Lawrence Stroll has offered 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel a contract for the 2021 Formula 1 season. Vettel downplayed those rumors during his media availability on Thursday at the Hungaroring.

Lawrence Stroll is a very savvy businessman, his list of successes dwarfs that of many. His latest venture is an attempt to resurrect the flailing Aston Martin motor company. Part of that plan is to rebrand Racing Point F1 to Aston Martin Racing Point in 2021. With increased branding comes the need for increased competitiveness. With a 4-time World Champ available, Lawrence Stroll needs to make the right decision.

Make The Right Choice, Lawrence

Bench your son, Lawrence.

For the competitive sake of Racing Point in 2021 and if Lawrence is committed to winning, he will bench Lance Stroll for the 2021 season.

A driver lineup of Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez is easily one of the most talented lineups on the grid. As a team that lineup is stronger than everyone not named Mercedes currently.

Sergio Perez has 8 career podiums and he’s scored those podiums while driving for Sauber and Force India/Racing Point. He has 527 career points on top of that. Checo has a history of elevating a mid-pack car to a podium performing car. He has put in some astounding drives and more than deserves the chance to race for a big team. His McLaren year was unfortunate timing. For Racing Point to cast him out as the team aims to be more competitive in 2021 feels short sighted.

Lance Stroll has 1 career podium that came during a bat shit Baku race. Last season he finished 5 spots behind teammate Perez in the final standings. At only 21, Stroll has many racing years left ahead of him. The Canadian hasn’t shown the speed that would warrant a top-tier seat. The younger Stroll could pivot to GT or prototype racing under the Aston Martin banner.

To be clear Racing Point isn’t a top-tier team, yet. However, they are aiming to be the best of the rest and would love to crash that big three-party.

Lawrence Stroll wants to win, he wants Aston Martin to succeed and he’s hoping F1 can make that happen for him. Vettel and Perez give him the best shot, even if it comes at the cost of his son.

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