NASCAR Is Headed To Texas Next Weekend, Or Are They? Strong Rumors Suggest The Race Will Be Cancelled Or Moved

NASCAR teams have a hectic week in front of them. After wrapping up at Kentucky on Sunday the Cup Series is headed for Bristol on Wednesday night for the All-Star Race. Following that teams will load up and head to Texas, or somewhere.

Strong rumors have suggested over the last couple of weeks that NASCAR may cancel the already once rescheduled Texas race. The reason is due to a rise in COVID-19 cases in Texas. Think Florida just with more Cowboy hats.

With fears of COVID-19 fresh on everyone’s mind after Jimmie Johnson’s positive test. It appears NASCAR doesn’t want to put their teams at risk by sending them to a hotbed. According to @MillNASCAR and @TobyChristie the sport has until Tuesday to decide if teams will head west to Texas. If not the race will be moved but to where?

What Track Would NASCAR Relocate To? Don’t Say Charlotte.


Texas is an SMI track, meaning if the race is moved it would have to move to another SMI property. That leaves Charlotte, Atlanta, and Bristol as legitimate possibilities. With it being a short week for Cup teams, sending the series anywhere outside of those three tracks isn’t logical. Considering the race was also originally scheduled to take place on a 1.5-mile track it’s safe to assume Charlotte is the front runner.

A Charlotte date, as much as none of us want to see it, would be the most plausible. Unfortunately, Texas’ race is scheduled to be a 500-mile race snoozer. Charlotte would inherit that race distance making for a nice 3.5-4 hour affair Sunday afternoon.

What fans saw this past Sunday at Kentucky Speedway is exactly what they would see Sunday in Texas. A single groove race track with very little opportunity to pass. Charlotte is much of the same but they didn’t ruin their track further for a gimmick like Eddie and the boys did.

If there is going to be a relocation NASCAR has until Tuesday to make that decision.

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