There’s A Chance NASCAR Races Have Fans This Month

When NASCAR returned to racing they did so behind closed doors. Empty grandstands have become the new norm in NASCAR.

Optically it’s a strange look at first, an empty race track with a driver doing a hellacious burnout for exactly no one is a bizarre occurrence. However, it was necessary for NASCAR to make this decision. The most noticeable absence of fans came this past weekend at Bristol. Chase Elliott’s contact with Joey Logano would have resulted in thunderous cheers in the aptly named “thunder valley.” Instead, crickets.

Originally when NASCAR put out their return to racing schedule the governing body said races would be run spectator free through Talladega’s race on June 21. Like anything in NASCAR, nothing is ever truly set in stone.

Fans Could Be Allowed This MONTH

NASCAR could potentially have fans back at Homestead-Miami and/or Talladega Superspeedway. Obviously this would be in a limited capacity but it could signal a return to some sort of normalcy for the sport.

Of course, it would be tracks in Florida and Alabama. Two states that scoffed at the idea of a global pandemic were always going to be the first ones to allow people to mass gather again. Ron DeSantis and that old woman who should have been on Golden Girls won’t be at the track but remember it’s safe for you to be there.

On one hand, slowly getting fans back to the track is the next stage of this “opening up” process. On the other hand, there will certainly be fans that are concerned about being in a large group. One thing for certain, NASCAR won’t have a hard time selling the limited tickets that are available. Especially down south.

If fans aren’t allowed at races this month the next best bet will be when the series heads to Indianapolis July 4th weekend. The State of Indiana said they are allowing mass gatherings over 250+ people July 4th onward. Probably not a great idea for the state but the speedway certainly has enough space to socially distance yourself from the other 37 people there.

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