STOP! Ferrari Isn’t Coming To IndyCar, Don’t Listen To What They Say

Don’t listen to a thing Ferrari says.

No Ferrari is not coming to IndyCar regardless of what the famed Italian manufacturer may have said.

Ferrari To IndyCar?

Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto had this to say about Ferrari and potential interest in IndyCar;

“Ferrari feels a lot of social responsibility towards its employees, and we want to be sure that for each of them there will be a workspace in the future,” Binotto told Sky Sports Italia. “For this reason, we have started to evaluate alternative programs and I confirm that we are looking at IndyCar, which is currently a very different category from (F1), but with a change of regulation scheduled in 2022.

Essentially Ferrari says they are looking at IndyCar as an option for their employees when F1 implements a budget cap. With a cap on spending, Ferrari will have a number of employees that will need to be cut from their F1 budget. Europe doesn’t have at-will employment like the US, meaning Ferrari will have to repurpose these employees, they can not just release them.

With excess staff entering another racing series would make sense for the manufacturer. If Ferrari were to enter IndyCar they would appear to already have the framework of a team in place.

Don’t Believe A Word

For years Ferrari has threatened to quit Formula 1. Year after year if the regulations don’t adhere to their liking Ferrari threatens to quit. If the calendar doesn’t lay out how Ferrari wants they threaten to quit. If the budget cap isn’t just right, Ferrari threatens to quit.

Until there is a Ferrari powered car on the grid at St. Pete the chances of this actually happening are slim. Eventually, this will feel like Carlin teasing they would come to IndyCar. Year after year Carlin would say they were exploring a move and it would never happen. Finally, after years of hearing this, they showed up on the grid. Could Ferrari be the same way?

Binotto also mentioned that the manufacturer has looked at endurance racing as well. The new ACO/IMSA LMPh formula is appealing to a number of manufacturers and could be up Ferrari’s alley as well.

For now, Ferrari can keep saying they’ll do things and we’ll keep not believing them.

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