Texas & Florida Give NASCAR The Greenlight To Resume Racing, What Does This Mean?

NASCAR’s return appears to be closer than we all thought.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have both given the series the proverbial green light to resume racing in their states. You could add “respective” before “states” but most people would contest that whole respective part at this point.


Governor Abbott announced on Monday that he has given the green light for Texas Motor Speedway to host races, without fans.

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage previously stated he doesn’t see the point in hosting races without fans but has since backtracked on that. Stating that while racing in front of empty grandstands, on purpose this time, isn’t ideal they understand the necessity for it.

COVID-19 forced NASCAR to postpone Texas’ original date scheduled for March 29th. NASCAR is now looking to get back to Texas soon and it appears June 7th could very well be the date for them to do that. It would also be a doubleheader weekend with IndyCar at the track on June 6th.

It’s worth noting Gossage said employees and workers would be tested before the race weekend. What’s unclear is if that means TMS workers or literally everyone that will be inside the track.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced last week that NASCAR would be considered an essential business in Florida. Perhaps the state who has handled COVID-19 the worst, it’s not a surprise Florida has deemed essentially anything and everything essential.

The real kicker here is Homestead, Florida Mayor Steven D. Losner said that he’s ready for Homestead to host NASCAR with or without fans. This lunatic wants to put thousands of fans into the stands. Hopefully, NASCAR has enough foresight to restrict fan access and run the first few weeks without fans and then see where we stand.

For now, though Daytona and Homestead are open just like Florida’s beaches and hospitals.

NASCAR Should Come Back

NASCAR should come back around Mid-May or the end of May, if it’s safe and without fans. The tentative plan at the moment is to race May 17th at a track within driving distance of Charlotte. After that it’s the Coke 600 and then who knows.

Obviously tracks will miss some revenue from ticket and concession sales but they will still get TV money. Some NASCAR teams desperately need to get back to the track to stay alive at this point.

However, we shouldn’t get back to the track if it’s too risky. Tests need to be done, whether public or private to ensure everyone’s safety. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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