Bubba Wallace “Ragequits” iRacing At Bristol And That’s Actually Completely Fine But Everyone Lost Their Minds

NASCAR hosted its third iRacing Pro Invitational race on Sunday this week at Bristol. After two massively successful races on 1.5-mile, the series headed for the “world’s fastest half-mile.”

Many people said the race would be the biggest shit show this side of Wynnewood, Oklahoma. And they weren’t wrong.

This race had everything, 12 cautions in a 150 lap race, two drivers getting parked for intentionally crashing each other, and one driver quitting mid-race.

No joke. Bubba Wallace went all Vontae Davis and left right in the middle of the event.

To give some backstory here Wallace was racing Clint Bowyer. There was some contact on the front stretch as it looked like Bowyer tried to clear himself, he wasn’t clear. Then going into the next corner Bowyer bodies Wallace and all hell breaks loose. While everyone is stuck sliding around and bashing into each other like an ARCA plate race Wallace just straight up quit.

“This is why I don’t take this shit serious. Bye Bye. Peace out.” – Bubba Wallace as he rage quit.

That’s Completely Fine

The thing about iRacing is it’s a video game. A simulation that is far harder than a console video game sure but at the end of the day it is very much a video game in. Quitting mid-game has been happening since the first person got mad at an Atari. Quitting a sim race because you’re annoyed with everyone else isn’t selfish or absurd.

In these iRacing Pro Invitational races, the guys at the front have taken the racing seriously. The guys mid-pack are still learning and the guys at the back are just out there messing around like you did on NASCAR Thunder.

Daniel Suarez is the driver taking it the least seriously. Clint Boyer ranks up there as well. While Clint serves as the “in-race” reporter for FOX he is also on the broadcast to be entertaining. Not to say he did this on purpose but it definitely added to the broadcast and created a storyline after the race.

Fans Have Lost Their Minds

Listen we’re all stuck in our homes distanced from others unless if you live in a dumbass state so we’re all on edge. The Reddit posts on Bubba Wallace after yesterday’s race had over 400 comments. An abhorrently high number of comments for a regular Reddit post. People were blasting Bubba for quitting, crying and going home, not taking it seriously.

Here’s the thing, who cares. He wasn’t in contention and he didn’t see the point in running around the back of an exhibition race 2 laps down. Especially when it’s 75 degrees outside and you aren’t even contractually obligated to be in this race.


What about them? It’s a sponsorship in a eRacing event. The likelihood of Blu-Emu hopping on the #43 for an actual race this year was low. The did in 2019 but who knows how things will pan out following COVID-19. On top of that their owner appears to be more childish than Bubba based on his Twitter comments. In terms of handling this situation, the Blu-Emu guys could use some PR training.

All in all, everyone lost their damn minds over a video game race. Actual racing can not come back soon enough so we can all lose our shit over things that actually matter.

Wash your damn hands.

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