Realistically When Will We Get To See Actual Racing Again?

You’ve just watched your second straight weekend of iRacing and you’re sitting there wondering, when will we see actual, physical racing return?

Folks, the answer isn’t going to please you. You might even make videos talking about how you want to blow my head off for 87 people to see.

We’re Not Seeing Racing For Awhile


NASCAR tentatively plans to return May 9th at Martinsville. That’s just simply not going to happen. Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam has asked residents to remain in their homes until June 10th. Two full months after NASCAR plans to hold their return race at Martinsville.

With Virginia seemingly shut down until June 10th NASCAR will have to look at other places while changing up the schedule. Bristol, Atlanta, Texas all could be in play but the series won’t be on track May 9th, there is simply no way that happens. Look for NASCAR to attempt their return Memorial Day weekend with Coke 600. From there we’re looking at doubleheaders at Michigan and Dover along with some weekday races.


IndyCar has postponed the Indy Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 to July 4th and August 23rd. Their season opener is now scheduled for May 30th at Detroit. While that may be realistic the series is already looking at postponing that event. If that happens the first race of the season would be Texas June 6th. That seems like a way more likely scenario. Throw in the fact Texas has a governor looking to please our President and we can assume they’ll get back to hosting events sooner rather than later.


Potentially the hardest of the three to predict, F1 may be out of commission for a while. Currently, the season is scheduled to open with the Canadian Grand Prix on June 14th. While that race is in Montreal fellow Canadian metropolis Toronto has banned public events until June 30th. If Montreal follows suit that race isn’t happening. The French Grand Prix June 28th or the Austrian Grand Prix July 5th are the best bets currently.

Europe is likely to open its borders to travel sooner than North America. Assuming Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the UK get COVID-19 under control of course.


We’re not seeing actual racing until Memorial Day at the earliest, more than likely June.

Sorry guys. Wash your hands, distance yourself, be safe.

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