Please Don’t Tell Us How Hot The Indy 500 Will Be In August

IndyCar along with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500 would be postponed until August 23rd. For the first time since 1946, the most famous race in the world won’t take place on Memorial Day Weekend.

The Indy 500 will now be contested on Sunday, August 23rd with qualifying happening the weekend before the race. On top of that, the Indy Grand Prix will now take place on July 4th as a doubleheader with NASCAR’s Xfinity Series.

Two summer dates in the midwest, we know it’s going to be hot.


Listen, if you grew up in the midwest you know it can get hotter than the devil’s dick in the summer. Crank that temperature up to 90, toss in some 80% humidity and you have some hot sweaty soup of uncomfortableness.

The average temperature in Indianapolis for August 23rd is 85 degrees. By comparison for May 24th the average is 75 degrees. We all know the past few Indy 500’s have been HOT. We’re talking in the 90’s, some of the hottest Indy 500’s on record. There’s no reason to think August 23rd will be a balmy late summer day, this isn’t San Francisco.

For the Grand Prix on July 4th you can expect a hot, humid, sticky day. There’s going to a high chance of rain more than likely but with a window of Terre Haute they should be able to get it in.

It’s the Indianapolis 500 and 200,000 people are still going to show up, hopefully. The temperature doesn’t matter that this point everyone just wants a sense of normalcy to return to life. If that means sweating our body weight in the grandstands than so be it.

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