Jimmie Johnson Will Test An IndyCar Next Month As The Flirting Continues

Ole’ 7-time just keeps flirting with IndyCar.

Jimmie Johnson confirmed Wednesday on Twitter that he will be partaking in the IndyCar test next month at Barber Motorsports Park with Arrow McLaren SP. 

Apparently the courtship worked. 

Johnson attended IndyCar’s preseason test at COTA as a guest of McLaren and said he would like to run some IndyCar road course races in 2021 following his retirement from NASCAR at the end of this season. It appears he is taking the necessary steps to make that happen. That includes what appears to be a seat fitting at McLaren SP based on the pictures Johnson took from inside the cockpit of one of their cars. 

Conveniently enough McLaren’s IndyCar’s are powered by Chevy. Making the transition for Johnson nearly seamless from a sponsor/manufacturer standpoint. It also allows him to get a head start on the 2021 season this year. 

Johnson might just mess around and end up running for an IndyCar championship. He’s said he doesn’t want to do ovals but the aero screen could change that. Imagine a 7-Time NASCAR champion and an IndyCar champion? Every motorsports Hall of Fame just has to automatically induct him at that point. 

Jimmie Johnson has had the greatest career in NASCAR history. You can argue against it but you’ll be wrong. The fact he wants to race IndyCar now in his “retirement” is incredible. Racers want to race. While he’s still competitive in NASCAR (fought for the lead this weekend) retirement gives him the opportunity to race other disciplines. Something more guys should do. 

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