Whoa, That’s Weird: Scott McLaughlin’s Shock Landed On A Balcony After His Supercars Crash

Hot off a controversial win at the famed Bathurst 1000 Team Penske and driver Scott McLaughlin found themselves making headlines once again. This time it was following a massive shunt during qualifying for the Gold Coast 600.

As McLaughlin attempted to blitz through a chicane he clipped the inside which shot him at a brutal angle into the outside wall. That impact ripped off both right side wheels popping his Mustang into the air and onto its side. Take a look at the accident.

Not something you see every weekend but thankfully McLaughlin was able to climb out of the car under his own power. Shoutout to Holden driver Shane van Gisbergen for stopping on track to make sure his friend and competitor was ok.

Whoa, That’s Weird

While the crash has made the rounds on social media another part of this same accident has started to as well.

During the crash, it appears one of the shock absorbers off McLaughlin’s Mustang shot off and landed on the balcony of an overlooking apartment. In the process, it destroyed a table and broke a tile. Here are the pictures that were posted to social;

Broken table from McLaughlin’s shock

Imagine someone from Team Penske knocking on your apartment door. “Massively sorry about that, mate. Mind if we take that back? He’s some money for the table too.”

When you look at the number of street races around the world it’s incredible more of type of thing doesn’t happen during wrecks. Especially with the number of apartment buildings and hotels that line a number of these circuits.

In this particular incident, it doesn’t appear the balcony is very high off the ground. This appears to be a second-floor balcony so thankfully it didn’t shoot stories into the air. However, it still got over the fence and that’s the real problem with this.

The Supercar Series said they are looking into this incident. You have to imagine they were mortified to see this pop up on the internet. The consequences of a fan catching a shock to the dome would be life-ending. Thankfully it doesn’t appear anyone was hurt and this fan now has one of the most unique pieces of memorabilia out there.

Most fans are reading this thinking “that would be sick!” to have a part land on your balcony. And it would, a heads up it was coming would be nice though.

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