Todd Gilland Told Kyle Busch To Stay Away After His Martinsville Victory

Todd Gilliland has had it with Kyle Busch and his opinions. 

After winning Saturday’s race at Martinsville, which everyone watching at home missed. Gilliland came over the radio and delivered this message to his team owner and boss. 

“Kyle Busch you can stay in your fucking motorhome” – Todd Gilliland

Well god damn, Todd. The second-year KBM truck driver who is all but guaranteed not to return to KBM in 2020 let it be known how he feels about his boss. Throughout the season Kyle Busch has said multiple times that both Gilliland and Harrison Burton have underperformed. Going as far as to say he was “underwhelmed” and “if you can’t win in KBM equipment there’s not much left for you.”

All the criticism was justified too. KBM trucks are the best trucks on the track. Kyle Busch has proven that Erik Jones has, hell even Greg Biffle proved that when we won earlier in the season at Texas in his one and only start this season. For Todd Gilliland, it’s taken a painfully long 46 races to finally find victory lane.

Like any 19-year old kid, you get fired up. After the race, Gilliland said his comments were made in the heat of the moment. Any time you can prove someone wrong you want to make sure they know it. He also admitted that the criticism by Kyle was justified and that they have underperformed up to that point.

Gilliland came into the truck series as Toyota’s next can’t miss talent. He was the #1 prospect on many people’s lists as soon as he turned laps in a K&N car. Gilliland was positioned to be the next to go through the TRD pipeline. Unfortunately for himself, he’s suffered from what a lot of the younger drivers these days do. Their equipment is so good it masks the flaws in their driving ability. Gilliland is a prime example of that. He won in K&N and ARCA because his equipment and teams were top tier and the competition wasn’t nearly as good as what he faced in the truck series.

It’ll be awkward next year when Todd tells his dad/owner to stay in the “fucking motorhome.” 

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