FOX Doesn’t Give A Damn About NASCAR

FOX doesn’t give a fuck about NASCAR. 

Todd Gilliland won Saturday’s Truck Series Playoff race at Martinsville but you didn’t get to see it on FS1. Nope, that’s because coming to green in overtime FS1 immediately lost the feed. Fans were instead treated to the FS1 logo (below) and the radio audio of Vince, Phil, and Michael calling the finish. 

Again, a finish no one at home saw. 

Todd Gilliland captured his first win, Ross Chastain and Harrison Burton tangled with Burton going for a spin-off turn 2 on the last lap. Something that likely would have been exciting to watch in the moment but FOX failed to deliver once again this season.

To make matters worse as soon as Vince called Gilliland across the line the coverage immediately switched to college football. The didn’t get the feed restored to show the end of the race, didn’t talk to the winner, didn’t even talk about the points standings. Instead, they immediately cut to Oklahoma State v. Iowa State, a riveting matchup between two of the Big 12’s most forgotten about teams. Some people on the internet think FOX did this on purpose allowing them to get to football quicker. That damn T. Boone Pickens is still pulling strings from the grave.

FOX has continually shown they don’t give a damn about NASCAR. While NBC has invested in talent, sets, advertisements and everything else under the sun that makes a broadcast enjoyable. FOX has decided to stick with the status quo. Darrell Waltrip FINALLY left the booth after the FOX portion of the schedule this week. Mike Joy continues to get things wrong week after week. Jeff Gordon is the only bright spot of this dead sun that is FOX NASCAR floating through space. In 2019 they introduced an atrocious CGI set for RaceHub and invested in some not great talent. Their on-air personalities lack well, personalities. And all the while NBC is doing the exact opposite.

Saturday was just the culmination of FOX’s downfall. Once the network stopped sending the Truck booth to the race track you knew it was going to get bad. Top that off with their terrible sidebar running order, inability, and refusal to zoom out and their lack of understanding what a good race broadcast is and you have the entire NASCAR fan base against you.

To have this happen in a playoff race is bad. To have this happen in overtime of a playoff race is even worse. The only way this could get worse is if it happened in overtime for the Daytona 500. That very much feels like something that can and will happen before FOX’s contract is out. 

Congrats to Todd Gilliland on winning. We’re sure it was a good time, and we’re sure he actually won. We wouldn’t know it though because Oklahoma State was facing a 3rd and long. 

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