The Repercussions For Chevy Drivers Not Working With Chevy Drivers At Talladega Are Actually Kind Of Funny

It’s Wednesday and everyone is tired of hearing about Chevy’s team orders at Talladega. At this point, Chevy GM and mastermind of this whole disaster Jim Campbell has to be tired of it as well. But when someone gives everyone a look at the “consequences” Chevy drivers faced for not following the plan we have to talk about it.

On the Sunday Money podcast, Corey LaJoie gave everyone a look inside the meeting. Keep in mind LaJoie is a Ford driver and wasn’t in the meetings Chevy had. This was all told to him second hand and there really isn’t a reason to not believe LaJoie.

So what were the “consequences”?

LaJoie mentioned two of the consequences and both were actually pretty funny:

Loss of Company Car: Jim Campbell had the audacity to multi-millionaires they would take away their Chevy Tahoe or Silverado if they pushed another car to the win at Talladega. Obviously guys like Bubba Wallace and Daniel Hemric are multi-millionaires but the loss of a company car isn’t much of a threat. For someone like Jimmie Johnson or Kurt Busch who made old NASCAR money, it’s laugh out loud funny.

Loss of Simulator Time: The second threat is equally as funny. You mean the manufacturer that has struggled for two years to get a handle on their new car will cut time from their already struggling drivers? HILARIOUS. And immensely shortsighted to threaten drivers over a race at Talladega, a speedway race that happens 4 times in a 36 race schedule.

Long Term Consequences For Chevy

Jim Campbell made Chevrolet look like an absolute spoiled teenager this past weekend. The type of kid who has always gotten what he wanted but started to grow up and realized the world was a lot harder without mom and dad.

For Chevy, it could hold consequences in terms of their relationships with teams. Chevy supports these teams, however, they aren’t the ones writing the biggest checks. If a new manufacturer happened to come along soon a Chevy team might be easy to poach if they felt slighted by the manufacturer.

Ford has done this same type of plan the last few years at superspeedways, they even gave it a nice name “one Ford.” The blue ovals never had a meeting in a rain delay for the whole sport to see though.

You can put money on the fact Chevrolet will never make a public display of team orders like that again though.

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