NASCAR Is Scared Of Slayer, Guns Good, Slayer Bad

Notorious metal band Slayer appears to be too controversial for NASCAR. The same organization that has aligned itself with the NRA, boner pills, alcohol, and political sponsorships has deemed Slayer not fit for sponsorship.

Slayer was supposed to appear on Rick Ware Racing’s #54 car driven by veteran JJ Yeley. RWR is fielding four cars this weekend at Bristol in an apparent attempt to fake it until you make it. Or just because sponsorship dollars are key and fielding a car isn’t that expensive when you’re not competing at the front.

There is still some confusion as to who pulled the Slayer sponsorship. Rick Ware Racing released a statement and Slayer released a statement.

Slayer Statement

“Today, reportedly due to reactionary concerns from other long-time participating sponsors, Slayer has been pulled as the primary sponsor, and all Slayer signage has been removed from the car that was to be piloted by Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series veteran, JJ Yeley,” they wrote in a statement.

“The incontrovertible PODS Moving & Storage will now sponsor that car. After nearly 40 years, Slayer apparently remains as terrifying to some as ever.”

Slayer’s statement is very PC for Slayer. Just a matter of fact type of statement and they’re moving on. Saves them some money in the long run. “Incontrovertible PODS” is laugh out loud funny. No one has ever found a POD to be controversial. Unless you’re the local police department in my neighborhood who ticketed the POD some people left quite literally in the street as they moved in over a weekend. That’s the closest thing to a POD controversy. Quick tip, if you use a POD to move just be aware they are potentially the easiest things to break into.

Rick Ware Racing Statement

RWR put out their own statement as well. The team put the removal on Slayer’s image and beliefs not aligning with longtime RWR sponsors. The biggest piece of news in this has to be the fact RWR has longtime sponsors. Maybe Jacob Companies?

This is the same Rick Ware whose son drives for the team and accused another driver of being an adulterer. Then straight up had a meltdown on the internet, multiple times. The biggest misalignment with long-time sponsors has to be the ticking time-bomb in one of their race cars.

This Is Dumb

If NASCAR had a hand in this because Slayer is too controversial this will go down as one of the dumbest moves in the sports sponsorship history. Slayer just wants to rip some guitars, trash society, and summon the devil. And for some reason, people think that’s bad.

YET, the sport will allow the following sponsors in the series.

  • NRA – yeah the National Rifle Association is sponsoring Saturday Night’s race. In a country plagued with gun violence, this is viewed as an appropriate sponsorship.
  • – which is literally aimed at making it easier to buy a gun.
  • Dick pills – want your dick to get hard? NASCAR has sponsorship for that.
  • Alcohol – more people are killed each year by alcohol than Slayer. Facts according to the NHTSA.
  • Trump – a Donald Trump sponsored truck and car have appeared in the series. Both times the campaign didn’t pay for the sponsorship but regardless. More controversial than Slayer.
  • Megadeth – literally sponsored a car this year.
  • Payday loans – ruining people’s financial futures, fine.
  • Dolly Parton – those titties have certainly hurt more people than Slayer.

You get the point. NASCAR has had much more controversial sponsors than Slayer. For some reason, the morality of NASCAR draws the line at Slayer. Got it.

If JJ Yeley doesn’t walk out to a Slayer song tonight during driver intros that will be a massive missed opportunity.

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