Pick Em’: Ben Rhodes v. Brennan Poole or Natalie Decker v. Spencer Boyd

Thursday night’s NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series race at Kentucky Speedway featured a number of incidents both on an off track. Not only did we have three multi-truck accidents all within 20 laps of one another. We also had not one, but TWO off the track incidents.

The truck series perennially put on the best show in NASCAR mainly because most of the drivers are young and will just send it. However, that overzealousness sometimes results in off the track confrontations. Thursday night we had two of them and both were equally hilarious/preposterous.

Natalie Decker v. Spencer Boyd

First up. The first lady of female driver Instagram Natalie Decker was involved in another incident this season. For the 6th time in 11 races she was in an accident, this time it wasn’t her fault. Spence Boyd either cleared himself on the front stretch or thought Natalie would lift. She did not and the two went into the wall. What happened in the garage area following the wreck was hilarious.

She had absolutely zero idea what to do with that hat. Laugh out loud funny when she had that second of clarity like “the fuck do I do with this” then just tosses it. Listen she has no business being in the truck series but that hat flip has been her biggest contribution to the sport yet. Close second to her being lost was the tough guy in the red shirt saying “that’s enough” like dude she took a hat. Calm down hardo.

Spencer Boyd was in a no-win situation there. He can’t hit her back if she hits him. He can’t demean her. Guess all he can really do is chuckle, which he did.

Ben Rhodes v. Brennan Poole

The second incident of the night was between Kentucky native and defending race winner Ben Rhodes and former Mr. DC Solar Brennan Poole. Rhodes was gassed up after the race and he wanted a piece of Poole. Not sure why but the kid had some crazy eyes going.

Low key the best part was the crew member from Poole’s truck laughing in Rhodes’ face as his crew members carried him away. Ben Rhodes is a good kid with some talent but watching a grown man carry another “grown man” away from a fight will never not be funny.

Neither of these conflicts are rivalries the sport needs. One between a mid-pack driver and a backmarker the other between a front team and a mid-pack team. We’ll try again next week for a new rivalry FOX can over hype.

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