Can We Talk About Greg Biffle Winning A NASCAR Truck Race In 2019?

In the year of our Lord, 2019 one Greg Biffle returned to a NASCAR Victory Lane after winning Friday night’s truck race in Texas.


Greg Biffle, the 2000 NASCAR Gander Outdoors Series Champ won a truck race in 2019 after not having raced in the series since 2004! George Bush was just starting his second term when Greg last went to victory lane. The iPhone didn’t exist, the Monte Carlo was still in NASCAR, Rusty Wallace won his last Cup race, Jeremy Mayfield walked it off at Richmond and Joe Nemechek won a Cup race. That’s how long ago this was.

Friday Night

Yet here we are in 2019 and a 49-year old Greg Biffle comes back to race a one-off for Kyle Busch Motorsports and goes to Victory Lane. In a season where Kyle went 5 for 5 in the #51 truck and has lambasted his two younger drivers for failing to run well, Biffle made Kyle look like a genius. And Kyle said just that, “damn I’m a genius.”

Biffle ran most of the race in the Top-5, his truck appeared to be loose on entry to middle of the corner which hampered him from moving further up the running order. As the race went on Biffle and Crew Chief Rudy Fugle worked on the #51 truck and used a little pit strategy to get Biffle track position.

When Tyler Ankrum pitted on the final caution that thrust Biffle to the lead with 10 to go. Biffle staved off a famished Matt Crafton who was desperate for a win. Two veterans going at it with neither willing to give an inch. Biffle took away Crafton’s line and Crafton continued to search for a way by. Ultimately it was Biffle who took the victory and the $50k bonus.

Speaking of that bonus, NASCAR ruled Biffle isn’t eligible for “The Trip” promotion which is a disservice to the fans, Biffle, and Marcus Lemonis who put up the money for this. NASCAR a sport who makes up rules as they want because “we have the power” decided the #51 with Biffle wasn’t entered in the race in time. An absolutely insane decision that will apparently keep Biffle and every other driver from being able to win the $500k prize if they swept the next three races.

But back to the main story, GREG BIFFLE WON A TRUCK RACE IN 2019. That’s still such a crazy thing to say. Biff said this wasn’t his retirement race and it appears Kyle wants to put him in a truck again. Rudy Fugle said on the radio “I can’t wait for Talladega” maybe we’ll be seeing the Biff this fall. Either way, a full-season of Biffle next year at KBM would be huge.

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