Twitter Roundup: Fans Were Fed Up With FOX’s Abysmal Coverage of NASCAR at Talladega

Sunday at Talladega was arguably the best superspeedway race NASCAR has put on in a decade. You might not know that though since the race was on FOX and they seemingly have no clue how to broadcast a race.

Complaining about the broadcast is a NASCAR’s fans favorite pastime. This weekend though all of the complaining was warranted for once. FOX’s production of Sunday’s race was their worst attempt at NASCAR broadcasting in a long time. Sonoma 2017 comes to mind but this Sunday was an atrocious attempt at covering the sport.

FOX missed a number of key moments, passes for the lead, Larson’s flip, cars coming to pit road, all while they were live and not in a commercial. Missing a pass for the lead while looking at a piece of debris 37 feet on the apron and then showing that pass in replay is unacceptable. Going to commercial at the wrong time, every time is unfortunate/unlucky but damn, guys. Then to miss the Larson flip is completely inexcusable. Only one shot from a far wide angle is all we have of the crash. Oh, other than that shitty zoomed into angle from turn 1 looking through the fence.

And the commercials. Obviously commercials are how FOX makes back the billion dollars they paid for the rights to show NASCAR. But jesus christ guys, how many Symbicort commercials do we need? Mike Joy told us stage racing would reduce green flag commercials. It has essentially increased them as we go to commercial every 5 minutes. At one point it was three minutes, at a track like Talladega that’s not acceptable. Network TV shows don’t even go to break that often, it’s insanity how much time NASCAR spends in commercial.

NASCAR fans have had enough of FOX though. Many took to Twitter to point out just how bad FOX was at their job on Sunday.

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