Passenger Seat: Chase Elliott Wins, NASCAR’s Package Proved Successful

Not often do we leave a NASCAR weekend with more positives than negatives but this is one of those weekends. NASCAR’s 2019 aero package/new superspeedway package lived up to the hype for once. Having the sport’s most popular driver win also doesn’t hurt things.

New Aero Package Worked

Out with the restrictor plates and in with the gigantic tapered spacer. The desire to give drivers more throttle response actually paid off. Combine that with the gigantic 9-inch spoiler and added wicker and you have the makings of pack racing fans have clamored for since like 2005.

The leader wasn’t impossible to pass like what we saw last year. 39 lead changes reflect that, while it wasn’t the 88 lead changes we saw in the tandem era it was still the second most of the last 6 spring Talladega races. Dropping back in the pack and making your way back to the front was possible as well. Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. and Joey Logano all had to do that more than once.

In a season where the aero package has been under a ton of scrutiny it’s nice to see a race where it actually worked out.

Chase Elliott Winning Is Good For The Sport

People hate to hear it but Chase Elliott winning is good for the sport. Not because NASCAR has pushed all of their future chips behind him but because a new face winning is what the sport needs. Elliott is the face of the new generation, NASCAR desperately needs one of those guys to start winning races regularly. Chase now has 4 wins in the last 25 races. If Chevy can figure the Camaro out and Chase can win more it will only be good for the sport.

Chase doesn’t have the Dale Jr. god like following in Talladega but after the race Sunday he had control of that massive grandstand. It’s always cool to see the fans respond to a driver regardless of who it is. Talladega is at its best when that entire grandstand is cheering and waving on a driver.

FOX Stinks

Once again the FOX broadcast was absolutely atrocious. Between the number of commercials, timing of commercials, the tight shots, missed shots of action, and a complete whiff on the Larson wreck. Sunday was a bad day for FOX.

A number of times on Sunday FOX was forced to show fans a replay of important things that happened like a pass for the lead because they were too busy looking at absolutely nothing. Combine that with their ability to time commercials at the wrong moment all day long and you had some pissed off fans.

Larson Wreck

Like the tweet says, NASCAR has to be concerned that Larson’s car just took off by itself. Drivers were worried about cars taking flight with this new package and the slight increase in speed. Even with the roof and cowl flaps doing their job the #42 still lifted off the ground. Someone as NASCAR has to take a look at this and removing the passenger side window and replacing it with a window net might be the right step.

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