Ferrari Remain The Dumbest Team In F1

Scuderia Ferrari remain the dumbest team in F1. Dumber than Williams, dumber than Renault that time they took Joylon. They’re just dumb people.

This past weekend in China for F1’s 1000th race Ferrari once again showed why they are the dumbest team in the sport. Ferrari newcomer Charles Leclerc beat teammate Sebastian Vettel through the first corner and sat comfortably in third. Now with Leclerc ahead in the points you would think Ferrari would favor him.


You fools. This is Ferrari we’re talking about the people who literally hand Mercedes trophies any opportunity they get. Sunday wasn’t one of those days necessarily but it could be when the World Championship is handed out at the end of the year.

Instead of pacing Leclerc for third the team forced him to swap positions with Vettel. An idiotic move in a race where Red Bull was more competitive than expected and Mercedes set sail from the rest of the field. Vettel is a 4-time world champ, the #1 in the team but if he’s trailing in the points and is a mere two weeks removed from getting curb stomped by his younger teammate maybe you support Leclerc.

Again, nope this is Ferrari and they think they’re smarter than everyone. After all they are Italians. So when Red Bull undercut the boys in red on strategy Ferrari responded by pitting Vettel to preserve his position. From there they left Leclerc out on track and you’ll never guess what happened.


And that right there solidifies why Ferrari are the dumbest team in F1. Their factory has produced a race winning car once again. But once again their pit wall will continue to lose them races and points. Leclerc finished 5th and while that doesn’t seem awful it could be. What if the constructor’s championship comes down to 1 point? Ferrari could have had Leclerc in 4th, instead, they got 5th because their pit wall remains inexplicably stupid.

Congrats to Mercedes though as they go 3 for 3 to open up the season and clearly set themselves as the standard in F1 one this season, once again. Mercedes pit wall as been superior for years, lately they haven’t had to be. The Ferrari pit wall will let them win regardless.

F1 fans are being robbed of what should be a fantastic rivalry. The type of rivalry we look back on after it is over and reflect thankfully that we were able to witness it. Instead, Ferrari refuses to give us that future joy.

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