Eddie Gossage Got Triggered And Commented On NASCAR Attendance

Eddie Gossage, my guy, shut the fuck up.

Once again the President of Texas Motor Speedway thought it would be a good idea to talk to the media. Once again Eddie came off sounding like a complete idiot. Not only does this man not believe his track is a 1.44-mile oval, he also thinks his track doesn’t have that bad of attendance. Which is a preposterous idea considering his grand stands looked like this a few weeks ago.

Not great, friends. There are more fans dressed as aluminum seats than fans dressed as actual fans. That didn’t stop Edward, he’s over 50 you’re not Eddie anymore, from saying some dumb things;

“All sports are dealing with soft attendance,” Gossage said. “But no sport comes to a venue that has 150,000 seats but auto racing. And it’s obvious [when there’s empty seats].

“The media just loves to take shots no matter what, but the crowd we had at Texas would’ve filled up [previous NASCAR stops at] Martinsville or California.

“We’ve got 135,000 seats, one of the biggest stadiums on the planet. All of us wish we were sold out, but that’s just not today’s standard.”

One fact was said in all of that, all sports are dealing with attendance issues. The rest is just nonsense though. No race track needs 150,000 seats, take some out. But then to say the crowd at Texas this year could fill Fontana or Martinsville is a big of a stretch. One paper said the stands appeared to be a 1/3 full. For you math wizards out there that’s 43,000 people. Auto Club seats 68,000 which mathematically is more than 43k. Martinsville seats 44k which once again is more but we could it to Ed if we’re feeling nice.

No stadium in any sport needs more than 60k seats. There simply isn’t a demand for more seats than that. No sport cares more about attendance than NASCAR and its fans. A solution to this obsession is to make the grandstands replicate the societal demand.

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