Kyle Busch Isn’t The Best Ever (That’s Jimmie Johnson) But He Might Have The Most Talent Ever

Kyle Busch picked up his 200th NASCAR win Sunday at Fontana stoking the great debate. Are Kyle Busch’s 200 wins on the same level as Richard Petty’s 200? Yeah they are, read this.

While the rest of NASCAR media aimlessly debates this nonsensical topic we need to talk about where Kyle Busch ranks in the pantheon of NASCAR greats.

When you talk to NASCAR fans, historians, media there is a general consensus as to who is at the top of the list. Most will answer with the following: Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, and Jeff Gordon. That’s a reasonable list, you could toss David Pearson in there for good measure and he rightfully deserves to be up there.

In terms of the Greatest of All Time that accolade goes to Jimmie Johnson. Seven championships in the toughest era in NASCAR history. 83 wins in that same time span, 5 titles in a row, a feat that will likely never be matched. People will argue he did it in the Chase/Playoff era as if that discounts the achievement. Instead of being able to rebound from a mistake over 32-36 weekends he had to do it over 10 weekends. Less room for error and way more room to ruin your title hopes. But yeah, less impressive somehow.

Where Does Kyle Busch Rank?

Kyle is certainly on the list of best drivers in NASCAR history. The guy can drive anything, anytime, anywhere. He’s won with every package NASCAR has thrown at him, he’s won in every generation of car since he joined the sport and he seems to only get better with age.

The list that Kyle sits atop has to be driver talent. No one and I mean no one has the ability to drive a car like Kyle has and he’s been doing it at this insane level since 2008. Sure other guys have great car control, Kyle Larson, Kevin Harvick, Christopher Bell, Jimmie Johnson, etc. No one however has the talent Kyle has behind the wheel.

That’s the list Kyle sits atop. He’s has more natural driving talent than anyone to ever do this. Fans will throw out names, they’ll argue for others. This is open for debate obviously, this is America, we love to debate everything until we’re grasping for air. Statistically though Kyle Busch is the most naturally gifted driver to do this.

Richard Petty was good for his time, with his factory program and bigger motors. Dale Earnhardt was a hell of a wheelman, he won in 4 decades and multiple different cars. Jimmie Johnson has an immense amount of talent and he has curtailed that skill set to the Cup series. Jeff Gordon was much the same, he won on dirt where he honed his control skills then brought them to Cup where he straight dominated.

Kyle Busch honed his skills and has won at every level. Sure his equipment is good in the lower series but his talent widens the margin so much more. Appreciate what you’re watching, he might be a cry baby from time to time but this level of talent doesn’t come along often.

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