By The Numbers: Did More Downforce Help NASCAR At Phoenix?

NASCAR took their new high downforce package to a 1-mile track for the first time in 2019 this past weekend at Phoenix. How did the numbers stack up against the last 6 races at the oddly shaped track in the desert?

Surprisingly well, 2019’s numbers compared to the last 6 races were very middle of the road.

The 2019 package featured the second most green flag passes out of the last 6 races. However it featured 545 quality passes which places it essentially in the middle of the list. The margin of victory in 2019 was the larger than the previous 6 races but there also more lead changes. The 2019 package at Phoenix has produced some strange numbers in all honesty.

2016 was one of the worst years for Phoenix. Literally, 9 leaders in both races combined. The spring 2016 race featured only 290 quality passes. How is that even possible? Drivers yesterday complained about not being able to pass and we all saw that on the broadcast. However, passes did happen but the litany of restarts may have helped inflate those numbers. Regardless the notion that it was hard to pass wasn’t indicitive in the numbers.

More downforce isn’t the answer. The shared thought coming out of the garage seems to be less downforce with more off throttle time. This is the package for 2019 though.

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