Kyle Busch’s 200 Wins Will Be More Impressive Than Richard Petty’s

Yeah you read that right, fight me.

Richard Petty is viewed as the GOAT of NASCAR. A total of 200 Cup wins, 7 championships and a legacy that spans generations. Meanwhile you have Kyle Busch quickly approaching 200 NASCAR wins with a reputation spanning both sides of the fence, an attitude that puts a pageant queen to shame and enough talent to make you wonder why he doesn’t have more titles.

This could get me shot but I’m going to say it anyway.

Kyle Busch’s 200 wins will be more impressive than Richard Petty’s 200 wins and it’s not even close. Before you grab your weaponry and head north to Cincinnati hear me out.

Richard Petty’s 200 Wins

Richard Petty has 200 wins, no one is disputing that claim even if that 1984 Firecracker 400 did seem a little fishy. 200 wins is still 200 wins. However, Richard Petty did this at a time when NASCAR ran 48-49 races a SEASON. Hell one of his seasons they ran 62. For reference, the Cup Series races 36 times a year now. That’s less than 62 for you mathmeticians at home.

When you take into account the modern era (1972-present) stats Petty only has 60 wins. Of his 200 wins, 140 of them came pre-1972 when NASCAR wasn’t a structured championship series with a title sponsor, etc. Show up and race was the way NASCAR operated back then. You can not compare pre-modern era stats to those in the modern era. The NFL doesn’t count championships pre-Super Bowl era, why does NASCAR count wins pre-modern era? That’s a whole separate blog though.

Petty also raced again far inferior competition than Kyle Busch. Not just in driver talent but also in the quality of equipment. Petty was out here winning races by 8 laps. He had 10 cars finishing races because the rest of the field broke, crashed, or straight up QUIT.

These are two random races from the early 70’s. ARCA fields more a more competitive product even with Wayne Peterson cars on track.

Kyle Busch’s 200 Wins

Kyle Busch is rapidly approaching 200 wins. He didn’t get it this weekend in Phoenix but he is now sitting at 199 wins headed to California next weekend. As it stands currently his 199 wins are still more impressive than Petty’s 200 “cup” wins.

Here’s why, at no point in Kyle’s career has over half the field retired from a race. Minus a Daytona or Talladega race because some tone deaf idiot will point that out. For the most part though Kyle has always had a field of cars where 75% were at least competitive, and nearly half were cars capable of winning races. Richard Petty never had that when he was collecting 140 of his wins outside of one or two races.

“But Kyle is doing this in the Xfinity and Truck Series!!!!!” – angry Facebook commenter.

You’re not wrong angry Facebook commenter but those fields are still more competitive than anything Petty raced against during his “prime.” Kyle’s talent in those two series is just far superior than everyone else. Call them easy wins, call it whatever you want but for the most part the cars are equal. His ability to drive deeper into a corner is better than anyone we’ve seen in these cars/trucks.

Just for reference here’s a Kyle Busch win:

Over 28 cars on the LEAD LAP. Richard Petty never won a race with 28+ cars on the lead lap. And Busch didn’t win by 8 laps, or two, or even 1. That’s just preposterous.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day 200 wins is impressive regardless of era. To discount Kyle for doing it in “lesser” series is absurd. The level of competition in the Xfinity/Truck series today is greater than the level of Cup competition Richard won against.

People on the internet and in the media continue to discredit what Kyle has done. Fans will never see another driver hit 200 wins. It won’t happen, just like we’ll never see another 300 game winning pitcher in baseball, we’ll never see this again. Stop hating on this record and enjoy that you’re able to watch it happen. Things like this don’t happen often.

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