There Will Be No Kyle Busch Free Agency And That’s A Shame

Joe Gibbs Racing and Kyle Busch announced a multi-year extension early Thursday morning. They announced it at 7:30 AM which is both insane but also highlights how great scheduled releases/social posts are.

On top of their extension it was also announced that Mars Inc. aka M&M’s will also be back with the team on a new multi-year agreement. One of the largest deals in the sport according to SBJ’s Adam Stern. Somewhere north of the $20M a year mark which is rarified air this day in NASCAR.

The downside to all of this, and it’s a selfish downside. There will be no Kyle Busch free agency talk as the season goes on. Which is a shame, because the most talented driver in the sport not having a deal for 2020 would have made for great content all season long.

Imagine Kyle having to answer questions about where he would race in 2020 all season long? He’d get incredibly annoyed and give us all the content we could ever want. Sound bites, video clips, GIFs, literally every type of content could come from that. Instead they got their deal done in week three. No drama, no uncertainty, just “hey we’ll be together for awhile.” Sick.

Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs racing have 47 wins together since Kyle joined the team in 2008, second only to Jimmie Johnson over that time period. You also have to include the 2015 Cup Series Championship, 2009 Xfinity Championship and 80 Xfinity wins. A break up would have been shocking.

Where could Kyle have gone though? Only two teams make sense for him to join. Stewart-Haas Racing and Hendrick Motorsports.

Would Tony Stewart take on Kyle Busch? Absolutely, as a businessman now Tony needs to put the best drivers in his cars. Kyle Busch gives the team their best chance to win a title next to Kevin Harvick. That 1-2 punch could be one of the most lethal in NASCAR history. Clint Bowyer would unfortunately have to be shown the door but an upgrade is an upgrade.

Then there is Hendrick Motorsports. Kyle started his Cup career with the famed Chevy team so would he go back? Probably and Rick would probably take him back in a heart beat. One of the biggest mistakes in recent NASCAR history was HMS letting Kyle go in favor of Casey Mears and Dale Jr. Just a brutal misstep by a team known for making the right moves at the right time. Also we could have spent the entire season saying “Kyle Busch to the #5 confirmed” and that wouldn’t have got old past the third reddit post.

For now it looks like Kyle will likely end his career with Joe Gibbs Racing. Unless of course he and Kurt team up with Toyota to start a Cup team, shoutout r/NASCAR.

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