NASCAR Media Overreacts To Kyle Larson “Cheating” Comments, Larson Apologizes

In a shocking turn of events, NASCAR media took a simple sound bite and made a massive deal out of a throwaway quote. The victim this time? Kyle Larson.

Larson comments were nothing bad, they weren’t even anything surprising. What he said is essentially what Penske does in every series. Start the season or testing slow, say you don’t have speed and then boom you suddenly have speed when it matters.

Unfortunately for Larson he said the word “cheating” and aimed it at the biggest team in the sport. It also happens to be the team Chip Ganassi Racing gets their engines from as well. So what did he say?

“I feel like Hendrick plays games in a way with NASCAR. I feel like they always start the year off kind of bad to like show NASCAR that they’re being nice and cooperating and following the rules and stuff, and then it gets a couple of months in, and they start cheating and finding some speed.”

That’s not a bad quote, that’s a pretty mundane quote. EVERYONE CHEATS. Not shocking news, it’s only cheating if you get caught. Ganassi is cheating, Gibbs is cheating, Starcom is cheating, everyone is cheating. But when someone says a team cheats it’s suddenly headline news and everyone acts shocked that people chear. And no one is worse when it comes to sensationalizing minuscule NASCAR quotes than NBC and FOX.

Even the main NBC Sports account got in on the action. Unreal. Of course you want to drive eyes to your content but come on guys. Let’s talk about the rescinded Truex penalty or something that actually affects racing.

Beyond the Flag is a trash website anyways which is where this entire story belongs.

Fox didn’t run the quote because it happened on an NBC platform and you don’t promote your rivals. Even though they share race footage, shoutout to that guy from FOX last year who made sure to point that out immediately to us.

Larson then tweeted out an apology Tuesday night that was almost certainly ordered by Ganassi via someone at Hendrick. You can read it on Larson’s Twitter it’s such a meaningless story it’s not getting embedded here.

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