Here Is The Number Fernando Alonso Will Run In The 2019 Indy 500


Well, it looks like someone at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s online store messed up. The track’s official online shop leaked Fernando Alonso’s car number for the 2019 Indy 500 on Friday and has not taken it down. Can’t imagine Zak Brown and company are pleased about this before the livery was revealed.

One keen-eyed Reddit user noticed Alonso’s page on the site had new products on it. A key chain and a sign. On that key chain and sign was a car number. That car number?


Out with the #29, and in with the #66. Alonso can’t run the #14 in IndyCar that he ran in F1 because AJ Foyt’s entries will have that number until the end of time. The #29 which Alonso ran in the 500 circa 2017 is an Andretti number so that’s out.

Why the #66? Literally no clue. BUT if you add Alonso’s F1 #14 to his IndyCar #29 to his Daytona 24 #23 from 2018 you get the #66. Surely that’s just a coincidence but numbers never lie. Or 66 was chosen because 1966 was the first year McLaren entered F1. That’s way more logical than adding arbritrary numbers.

The #66 is an interesting choice. It’s not a sexy number pick, you can’t make it cool. Hell the last #66 in racing that is even remotely memorable was Darrell Waltrip as he floundered in purgatory. Well him and Jeff Burton at MWR, or Mike Bliss at Haas, or Carl Long. You get the point, it’s not a number steeped in history outside the Ford GT program.

Regardless of the number Alonso coming back the speedway is the real story. His quest for the Triple Crown is only 500 miles away. Problem is they’re the most grueling, mentally exhausting 500 miles of his racing career.

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