Here Is Everything We Know About The NASCAR Gen 7 & One Is A Visual Game Changer

During Speedweeks NASCAR President Steve Phelps stated they plan to have the NASCAR Gen 7 car on track for the 2021 Daytona 500. So far details have been scarce but we’ve compiled a list of everything that drivers/industry insiders have mentioned.

NASCAR’s Gen 6 body has been in service the 2013 Daytona 500. Over its time we’ve seen multiple rules packages, big spoilers, small spoilers, and the 2014 package which was so good NASCAR tossed it out. But really, why couldn’t the 2014 package be the permanent package? If it’s not broke don’t fix it simply didn’t apply to the Brian France regime.

Regardless here is a list of what we know:

What We Know

  • Independent Rear Suspension: Kyle Busch mentioned during Daytona 500 Media Day that the Gen 7 car would feature IRS. This change would have a huge impact on set up and could vastly effect Cup cars on road course. Also would make sense if NASCAR plans on running more road courses in 2021.
  • Composite Body: Much like the Xfinity Series the Cup Series will move to a composite body in 2021. A stronger body that is not only easier to replace but also cheaper isn’t a bad thing.
  • No Splitter: NASCAR’s Steve O’Donnell mentioned no splitter and if true that would be a huge win for fans who have championed for it. Front end downforce has been a key component in the downfall of side by side racing. The splitter has glued the front end of race cars to the track since the CoT was introduced. A move away from that isn’t a bad thing.
  • 18 Inch Wheels: INJECT THIS INTO MY VAINS UNTIL I’M PART GOODYEAR. NASCAR currently runs on 15″ rims, you find me a road car running on 15’s and I’ll show you a Fiat 500. NASCAR wants these cars to look like road cars they need bigger rims. Joey Logano ran a Mustang last year on the Roval in a drift shoot with 18’s and it looked incredible.
Image result for joey logano drifting
  • Tube Chassis: NASCAR will make the move to a tube chassis with the Gen 7 car. Rumors have pointed toward the V8 Supercar Series for what the chassis could look like.
  • New Engine/V8 Engine: NASCAR has said they will stick with the current V8’s for at least the 2021 season. A new engine package is expected for the 2022 season. Likely around 550 HP much like what we see now with the tapered spacer.
  • Resembling Road Cars: NASCAR and manufacturers desperately want to put the “stock” back in stock car racing. According to everything that we’ve heard the Gen 7 car will look far more like what you can buy in the showroom than what you see now. Currently, Gen 6 cars all have the same noses but the rear of the cars are all the same. Essentially from the A-pillar back. A move toward making the cars look like road cars is a phenomenal idea.

NASCAR has been making all of the right moves lately. If the Gen 7 car truly follows through with everything we’ve heard and read so far it will be hard for people to complain. Of course the racing needs to improve with the car.

No splitter, kill the side skirts, make a minimum ride height rule and let’s get back to racing. That’s what NASCAR needs with the Gen 7 car.

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