McLaren Teaming Up With Carlin For Indy 500

Is there anything Trevor Carlin can’t do?

The guy who has won nearly everything from sea to shining sea landed the biggest star of the 2019 Indy 500. McLaren and Fernando Alonso will team up with Carlin this May.

Carlin will reportedly supply technical and operational support along with sharing data. The second-year IndyCar team will also supply garage space for McLaren during the month of May.

McLaren stated they wanted to run their program this year on their own as much as possible. They’re on pace to do more than they did in 2017 with Andretti. In ’17 Andretti supplied literally everything for McLaren. Car, team, support, even the car number. McLaren supplied the driver, livery and sponsors who they put on the car for free as an apology for them wasting their money on the F1 program.

Now returning in 2019 McLaren are looking to forge their own path with a little guidance. They’re almost out of the house, mom and dad are still helping them with some things but for the most part they’re doing this.

McLaren so far has only committed to fielding one car. There has been speculation about second car. Now that the team has unveiled their 2019 F1 car more IndyCar details are expected soon.

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