NASCAR Is Manipulating Fan Council Surveys To Fit Their Agenda

Do you participate in the NASCAR Fan Council? Because you probably shouldn’t.

NASCAR sent out their latest Fan Council survey this week and the options were so blatantly skewed to fit NASCAR’s agenda you as the fan should be insulted they think you’re this dumb. We’re talking authoritative regime blatantly skewed. I’m talking Hugo Chavez like cronyism. The latest survey was sent to fans asking them about the type of racing they’d like to see. Unfortunately the answers were all aimed at fitting NASCAR’s new “drafting” agenda.

The Fan Council was established as a way for fans to give their feedback to the governing body. There has been a disconnect in recent years between what fans want and what NASCAR has provided. Unfortunately the newest survey doesn’t give fans the option to voice their opinion. Fans are forced to pick what NASCAR wants.

Here is the survey that was circulated this week.

This is so insulting. It’s like Cuba proclaiming the people elected Castro after having a “democratic election” and Castro’s name was the only one on the ballot. It’s so rigged it’s laughable at this point. Ok maybe it’s not that bad but this survey is pathetic.

Of course fans want more side by side racing but they don’t want it manufactured by a tapered spacer reducing horsepower. You can’t vote for that though, you’re stuck and it’s a shame NASCAR is funneling fans into one choice.

Of course no one wants to see a blow out race where the leader is 7 seconds ahead. Sometimes that’s how races play out though. Affecting the natural flow of the race is something NASCAR stopped caring about years ago. But now they’re forcing fans to be like “you know, Steve, I do like when races are close.” We all like that but not every football game is Saints/Vikings circa 2018. Not every basketball game is a buzzer beater. Sometimes races are blowouts over 36 weeks and sometimes they’re close. That’s just how races are.

NASCAR’s Fan Council isn’t about what you want as a fan. The Fan Council is now about collecting “data” to justify their 2019 aero package. So they can come out and say “see, this is what the fans wanted.” If NASCAR wanted to collect actual data there would be more options. Or maybe even a text box for fans to add what they want to see.

NASCAR’s Gen 7 car is expected in 2021. The next two seasons will be holdover seasons where the sport tries to make racing “better.” 2019 will be an interesting year, unfortunately your voice likely won’t be heard. At least through the fan council.

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