Could We See Hendrick Motorsports Teammates Take A Run At The Daytona 24?

Jimmie Johnson took to Twitter Saturday morning to reminisce on his two starts and subsequent podiums at the Daytona 24. In that tweet he mentioned he’s “still searching for that W.”

Good news for Jimmie Johnson is General Motors has a really good factory program in IMSA. Like Jeff Gordon in 2017 it only makes sense for Jimmie Johnson to pilot a Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac DPi in the near future.

Teammates Want In On The Fun

Wayne Taylor Racing/GM may need to field a second car for Johnson and his children. Hendrick Motorsports teammates Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman expressed their desires to run in the 24 as well.

Neither Bowman or Elliott have made a start in the famed twice around the clock classic but 2020 might be their first. Chase Elliott has proven to be a formidable road racer in his short time in the NASCAR Cup Series. Bowman held his own in 2018 on the road courses as well.

The trio could add fellow teammate William Byron to the mix too just to complete the Hendrick migration to IMSA. Maybe run NASCAR drivers with two IMSA drivers just so you have some DPi experience in the car.

You have to believe Cadillac/GM would welcome this idea with open arms. They’ve sunk more money into this DPi program and their NASCAR program than some countries have in GDP. Might as well get more return on your investment with big name drivers.

We’re living in a golden age of sports car racing. Some purists will hate the NASCAR crossover. Embrace it, more eyes are on the sport and more people will become IMSA fans.

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