Courtney Force Retires, Is It Too Early To Congratulate Graham Rahal On The Sex?

NHRA Funny Car driver Courtney Force announced her retirement from the sport after only 7 seasons. In that time she posted 12 victories and a Top10 points finish in 6 of the 7 seasons.

The daughter of John Force and wife of IndyCar driver Graham Rahal stated that “This was a personal choice as I feel I’m ready to see what the next chapter in my life has in store for me, while spending more time with family,”

One thing though, she already spends every weekend with her family. Literally the entire Force clan is on the road with her at every NHRA stop. The only person she doesn’t get to see is Graham and that might not necessarily be the worst thing? Ohio State fans can get pretentious is all I’m saying.

“I’m ready to see what the next chapter in my life has in store for me…”

Hey Graham, congrats on the sex.

This has to be why she stepped away so suddenly. The Winter Nationals are literally two weeks away. There’s no way this was a planned retirement. This hasn’t been on the books at the Force shop for a couple months. The female face of the sport doesn’t just pull a Carl Edwards and peace out. At least Courtney doesn’t seem like the type to do that. No no, Graham left it in and you can’t race when you’re pregnant that’s just mothering 101 right there.

If Courtney Force is in fact pregnant, mazel tov. It’s so annoying when people are like “that kid is going to be a great driver” because generally it’s some driver having a kid with someone who seemingly has no driving talent. Except this time both of them have driving talent meaning a kid should at least get some of that.

And that was AO’s NHRA gossip for the month. See you all next month when the Rahal’s announce they are pregnant with their first child.

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