FINALLY! ARCA Gets Rid Of Ridiculous Overtime Rule On Plate Tracks

ARCA has FINALLY changed their overtime policy on restrictor plate tracks.

No more unlimited “green-white-checkered” attempts that extend races by an hour and cost owners more money. Now ARCA will implement a one attempt at a 1-lap “green and white together” shootout. Only at Daytona and Talladega, all other tracks will still have the old rule of unlimited GWC attempts.

Last year’s Daytona race was extended by 12 laps that seemed never-ending like every season of The Walking Dead. It took so long I was able to drive 8 miles to a completely different home and catch the final GWC’s. Absolutely insane how long it took, made me late for a hockey game too. That’s why this needed to change, because of the hockey game.

Here’s a video compilation of every crash at the ARCA Daytona race last season. It’s a 10 minute and 44 second video, the last lap crash and the following GWC wrecks start at 3:57. Over half the video is spent on the last laps and then 12 more that never even existed.

Also it will save owner’s some money. ARCA isn’t exactly swimming in cash like a daffy duck gif. These guys need to not wreck race cars. ARCA has done a great job driving the price down and the composite body cars help that but 12 laps of wreckage isn’t smart.

Hats off to ARCA for making the right call. It’s not entertaining to watch wreck after wreck after wreck. At Daytona last year you could call when wrecks were going to happen. But then again it can set up for some great finishes like Talladega last year. Sure it was extended by 11 laps but Zane Smith won at the line.

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