F1 CEO Chase Carey Says The Most Elitist Thing When Talking About NASCAR

F1 is often referred to as the “pinnacle of motorsport” and with that comes an elitist feeling that even Rob Kaufmann can’t conjure up. Which brings us to F1 CEO Chase Carey who said potentially the most subtle elitist thing ever when talking about NASCAR tracks versus F1 tracks.

“NASCAR races in Tuscaloosa and places that are probably not on the tip of the tongue for the world, while we race in Singapore and Milan.”¬†

Hey, Chase, you can’t make fun of us only we can make fun of us. NASCAR doesn’t even race in Tuscaloosa you mustached fool. It’s Talladega and you better put some respect on its name, it is built on an ancient burial ground after all. And what do you mean “not the tip of the tongue for the world?” You mean to tell me the fine folks of the UK don’t know where Sparta, Kentucky is? What about Long Pond, Pennsylvania? Maybe Martinsville, Virginia? Oh wait, Bristol, Tennessee I know for a fact there’s a Bristol in the UK. Tip of the tongue? Get out of here, these are world class cities.

“While we race in Singapore and Milan.” Well, Chase, you win there but there is no way on Dale Earnhardt’s green earth that either of those places is as fun as Talladega, Alabama on Saturday night. Claiming Milan is a bit of a stretch, you’re in the far suburbs of Milan at Monza. You’re essentially racing in Dayton and claiming Cincinnati as your “destination.” I’ve seen every race from Singapore and while it looks fun it’s not a great race. Unless of course, someone is trying to manipulate it and then it’s fantastic.

F1 is certainly more advanced than NASCAR, no disputing that. We just got electronic fuel injection four years ago. Road cars were dabbling with that in the 70’s. And maybe the fans are a little “classier” although I’ve seen enough fat Italians to make out fatties look trim. Sure your tracks are close to world-class¬†destination cities but are they good races? Good is a relative term I suppose but to act like the cities by your circuits somehow makes you better than NASCAR is absurd.

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