Kimi Raikkonen Was Drunk At The FIA Gala And It Was Hilarious

Kimi Raikkonen and drinking are one and the same. One can’t exist without the other. Seasoned F1 fans have heard and seen the videos of Kimi when he was younger. Drunkenly falling on boats, the stories, the sound bites, all of which are hilarious.

Friday night in Moscow at the FIA Awards Gala Raikkonen added to his drunken lore. A decade ago it was Kimi accepting the Championship and looking like he wanted to sprint back to Finland and cuddle his bottle of vodka. This year, however, Kimi looked more suited for a bachelor party than an awards gala. The Iceman who says so few words in press conferences that you can count them on your fingers was well lubed up Friday.

Who is this smiling and charismatic Kimi? He Marshawn Lynch’d his way right past that guy. He made a beeline for poor Sebastian Vettel like a heat-seeking missile. Missed on the hand grab with Seb so he rebounded with a pat on the back like a true professional and followed that up with a pat on the big man’s belly.  A consummate professional.

Even the announcer pointed out how much Kimi was enjoying the night. Meanwhile, Kimi’s wife was looking around like “why is everyone laughing?” As if this is normal behavior for Kimi. All of it was laugh out loud funny. Poor Seb looked so nervous, he could have used some alcohol too. Kimi couldn’t stop touching him either, like a drunk sorority girl he wanted Seb to know he was there. Even put his arm around him like they were on the podium together. Kimi holding that trophy had the janitors on the edge of their seats with brooms in hand.

Mick Schumacher Gets Kimi’d

“Mick, ever use a slap chop?………. It’s perfect”

Kimi Gets Seb Again

“It’s a Sauber, but it’s like a Ferrari. But it’s a Sauber, you know?”

Kimi and Seb are great friends off the track but even Seb is looking at him like what the fuck is happening right now and it is absolutely hilarious. Kimi made sure to leave an impression in what is likely his last FIA Gala. Unless of course, he can take Sauber to a P3 finish.

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