This Kimi Raikkonen Haiku Book Is Gold

Kimi Raikkonen is a man of few words but when he does speak it’s usually laugh out loud funny. Short, to the point, like every Finn Raikkonen doesn’t waste words.

From his famous “I know what I’m doing” quote as he led the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Renault pit wall kept panicking because they hadn’t been in that position in years. To the “steering wheel” quote last year. You can even go back in the day to his “fishing and screwing” quote when talking about life in Finland during the winter. Raikkonen is inadvertently hilarious.

Now longtime sponsor Phillip Morris (Marlboro) who still pay millions a year to subliminally advertise with Ferrari is pushing a new initiative called Mission Winnow. What is this initiative? According to the company, it is ” a new global initiative to create engagement around the role of science, technology, and innovation as a powerful force for good in any industry.” So that tells us nothing.

Regardless the company put out a haiku poem book where they took Raikkonen’s quotes and put them into haikus. Who knew Raikkonen was such a poet because these haikus are gold.

Hopefully, someone publishes this book so fans can snag a copy. Make it a double feature and sell it with Raikkonen’s autobiography which is arguably incomplete considering he has two more F1 seasons contractually. Maybe since he had kids he knows his partying days are over and it’s time to tell the stories now. Either way, you’ll definitely want to get a copy when it’s available in English.

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