Bad News: Sergio Perez or Esteban Ocon Will Be Unemployed In November

A consortium led by Lawrence Stroll, father of current Williams F1 driver Lance, has agreed a deal with the team’s administrators to bring it back into solvency and secure its future.

Daddy Stroll and his armada of investors are the new proud owners of Sahara Force India effective immediately. You’re probably thinking, “That’s not the team Lance drives for?” And you’re correct, he races for Williams which either sets up an immediate family rivalry where Daddy Stroll funds two teams or a driver at SFI is out of a job come year end.

Unfortunately, it’s the latter meaning Esteban Ocon or Sergio Perez will be looking for work next season. Hell, both could be looking for work if the rumblings are true about Lance Stroll wanting to select his teammate.

Sergio Perez has been rumored to join Haas which would certainly be a driver upgrade for the faux American squad and a great marketing opportunity for Perez’s sponsors as well. Ocon has been rumored to be joining Renault, however, he’s still under contract with Mercedes and the team just signed Daniel Ricciardo.

Daddy Stroll buying Force India is actually great for the sport. Formula 1 needs new blood and a group of Canadian investors with deep pockets, no tax problems, and no travel restrictions is a step in the right direction. Putting Lance in the car is definitely not the best choice in terms of performance but there are worse options and the kid does have a podium.

For now, though the team will continue to operate as Force India, obviously a name change will be coming for 2019. If it isn’t Force Canada I’ll be highly disappointed. Force India has always been the privateer team that is right on the cusp. They nearly won in 2009, they’re the lovable little guys. Pay homage to them in some way.

The team is also targeting updates to the car as soon as Spa returning from summer break. An influx of cash could pay huge dividends for the team.

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