Cool Down Lap: Chase Elliott Tried To Lose Again, Except This Time He Didn’t

Chase Elliott tried his damndest to throw away the win on Sunday. It would have been another close call in a long list of close calls for Bill’s kid. Except for this Sunday, it was different.

Instead of hopping out of his car and dropping his patented line “I hate it for my guys” that the internet has grown so accustomed to Chase Elliott finally got to climb out of his car as a NASCAR Cup Series winner.

99 races of trying, 99 races of frustration is all it took for Chase Elliott to finally roll his 24 #9 car into victory lane. It wasn’t because he safely cruised to victory, oh no boys and girls, this is Chase Elliott we’re talking about after all.

After wrangling the lead away from Kyle Busch in a fantastic battle the #9 car was able to gap the field a little. A caution on lap 55 for reddit’s loverboy stopped on track saw all hell break loose on pit road. The Ticker at the top of the screen just scrolled through all the penalties. Kyle Busch’s team didn’t get a penalty from NASCAR, theirs was self-induced. The gas man couldn’t get the can to engage leaving the #18 with enough fuel to be 20 laps short of the finish. They had to pit and restart 25th essentially taking themselves out of the race.

Chase Elliott was then set to race Martin Truex Jr. for the win. Truex the winner of the last two road course races was looking for his 5th win of the season to pull him closer to Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick.

For the final 10 or so laps, MTJ and Chase Elliott had a battle that will live on in infamy for years to come. People will talk about how great it was, how the traded lap times, and they did. MTJ never got around Elliott but the pressure was on the #9 and both drivers used every last ounce that their car had. Watching two guys drive literally as hard as they can, pushing their cars, tires, transmissions, and themselves to the limit was awesome. There may not have been passing but it was a battle that should have put you on the edge of your seat.

But even with Chase holding off the charging Truex he still had to get through that final lap. Heading into Turn 1 Chase wheel hopped the car like the guy he replaced Jeff Gordon did in 2007. Instead of getting his first win Chase nearly handed the win to Truex who for the sake of Chase fans jumped back on the throttle too hard. Watch the last lap here:

Chase said he felt the car wheel hop going into Turn 1 and he knocked the car out of gear to get rid of the wheel hop, slowed it down to make the corner and thankfully Truex had his own issue. Essentially Chase called a Peyton Manning audible at the line as the ball was being hiked and everything worked out perfectly, which never happens. Granted the #78 ran out of gas anyway but Chase for a moment almost tossed it away and had to settle for second a 9th time.

Instead, Chase got to love it for his guys today. A first win, on a road course, the same way his Dad did it after finishing second eight times as well. The career comparisons are wild but NASCAR is all about a good storyline.

Speaking of storylines. A week after I told the Dawsonville Pool Hall to put away the siren button they finally got to sound the damn siren. Just like they did when Bill won, the town gets to think they’re under attack once every 2.5 years when Chase wins.

The grainy, portrait video shot from a Motorola Razr might be the best part of this whole win. Never change Dawsonville.

Maybe now Chase Elliott can turn into the superstar NASCAR and FOX so desperately want him to be.

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