Alex Bowman Deserves His Extension Through 2020

Thursday evening Hendrick Motorsports announced the team has extended Nationwide’s sponsorship on the #88 through the 2020 season as well as extending Alex Bowman through the 2020 season as well. It’s a massive reassurance of confidence for Bowman to not only have the team believe in him but also a major sponsor wants to continue backing him as well.

Here’s the thing though,


People seem to be hit or miss on Bowman. There is a sect of fans that don’t think he did enough to earn the #88 ride. Then there are the rest of the fans that realize he made it out of career purgatory. Bowman paid his dues in underfunded Cup teams, running at the back, trying not to get run over like Angela Cope on any track shes ever been on. He made it out of there, that never happens. No one that gets sent to the likes of BK Racing ever gets a career revival like Bowman gets.

Owners are so quick to write guys off that get sent to an underfunded team it’s as sad as walking through the SPCA. You want to adopt them all minus someone like say Blake Jones or a certain Ware boy. Other than that there are a number of talented guys relegated to the back because their parents didn’t have the money or a team gave up on them too quickly. Bowman got that lifeline from Hendrick and ran with it.

Fans should flock to a guy like Bowman. He “paid his dues” and fans love to complain these young guys in big rides didn’t pay their dues. Never hear that about Chase Elliott though but I digress. Listen to this week’s Racing Rundown Podcast and count the “I digress’s” our bad. But Bowman should be a fan favorite and not because he replaced Jr. The guy wore a damn Dumb and Dumber themed fire suit for christ sake, support him just because BK Racing made him do that.

The kid can also drive as well. We all know he almost won the Cup race at Phoenix in the fall of 2016, he hopped in a Ganassi Xfinity car after being out of the car for nearly a season. This season in the Cup series he has 8 Top-10’s and 2 Top-5’s in a massively down year for Hendrick Motorsports. The guy is making something out of nothing at times and this summer has started to find his stride. Bowman has a lot of upsides, it’s tapping into that upside that Greg Ives and the team are looking to do more of.

Bowman is signed through 2020, Chase Elliott is signed until he dies probably, Lord Byron is in the #24 for a while and Jimmie Johnson can drive the #48 until the world ends. Hendrick has a solid line up, now they just have to end this year plus winless drought.

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