Cool Down Lap: Lewis Hamilton Wins In Hungary As Bottas Becomes A Battering Ram

Lewis Hamilton and his ever-changing hairstyle claimed victory on Sunday in Hungary as he extended his points lead over Sebastian Vettel heading into the summer break. America needs a summer break, run on that platform and you get my vote 9 out of 10 times assuming you aren’t wearing a red hat with white lettering on it that isn’t Marlboro.

Hamilton put his Mercedes on the pole Saturday thanks to a torrential downpour that leveled the gap between the Silver Arrows and Ferrari. On Sunday with a dry circuit, everyone assumed the Ferrari’s would be able to eat the Mercedes alive like an Eli Roth film but instead the exact opposite happened.

At a circuit where Mercedes should have struggled and Ferrari should have dominated it was the exact opposite. Ferrari instead attempted to use strategy to win the race and it was a strategy that never stood a chance without a safety car. Ferrari called for “plan C” and Vettel obliged but we can only assume plan C was enacted because plan A was to pass the Mercs on the start and plan B was to have Kimi give him the lead.

Vettel led for 14 laps in the middle of the race as the strategy played out but as soon as he pitted Hamilton reclaimed the lead and drove his cheery self to another victory. Basically that’s the whole race summary for the lead.

It was Bottas that had everyone talking at the end of the race. Referred to on the interwebs as “Robottas” because he’s literally a creation from the show Humans went a little haywire at the end. Two incidents with Vettel and Daniel Riccardo had everyone wondering how a guy with no heartbeat lost his cool.

First was the Vettel incident. The Ferrari was well alongside the Mercedes and Vettel turned in. Bottas clipped the curb and the two made contact. It was Vettel’s corner regardless per American road racing rules and no action was taken. It also allowed Kimi Raikkonen to skirt into 3rd for his 99th career podium.
Three laps later Bottas made another mistake. This time just getting into Turn 1 a little too hot and used the Red Bull as a bowling alley bumped to continue on.
Bottas never makes mistakes the guy is quite literally a robot created to drive race cars in second place. For him to have a meltdown essentially is completely out of character. Ricciardo eventually did catch and pass Bottas for 4th place and what looked like a double podium for Mercedes quickly went away to Ferrari.
The other story from Sunday that will continue through the summer break is the Red Bull and Renault relationship. No one has had a more volatile relationship than maybe Chris Brown and Rhianna. Max Verstappen’s power unit failed Sunday and the Dutch-German hybrid was less than happy, some would say he was angry.
That failure then promoted Christian Horner to tell Sky Sports that he isn’t surprised by the failure. At the end of last season when Toro Rosso announced they would be leaving Renault they had a litany of failures that culminated in a confrontation between the team and Renault in the paddock. After what Horner said we could be headed for Round 2.
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