Does Wearing A Suit Make You A Better NASCAR Announcer?



On Sunday the NBC booth kicked Rick Allen and his put on professional voice out and allowed the drivers/crew to call the race. With Dad gone the boys ditched the stuffy suits and decided to have a casual day at work.

NBC saw this as an opportunity to get some social numbers up and allowed fans to vote on what the guys should wear. Ultimately they all wore throwback racing t-shirts thanks in part to Dale Jr’s love of vintage shirts.

Steve Letarte went with the tried and true Bill Elliott Coors shirt, always a classic. Burton went with the Richard Petty shirt, kind of boring but we get it. Dale Jr. went obscure with the Dick Trickle (RIP in peace) shirt that stole the show naturally.

While most of us thought this was a cool twist on the booth there were some people that were none too, please. Folks, some people think that NASCAR announcers need to wear suits. On a rudimentary level, they’re talking about cars going in a circle at a track full of creatures wearing clothes they shouldn’t, 13 deep in some Bud heavys while ripping a pack of Camels. But yes, the suit is what makes this an official sporting league.

Of all people that thought they need to wear suits, I would never have guessed Jeff Gluck would be in that crowd. Yet here he is tweeting out some nonsense and not pandering to his crowd for once.

In the year of our Lord 2018, the idea of dressing professionally is not on the forefront of most peoples minds. I wear jeans and t-shirts to the office because quite frankly no one cares. My clients don’t care, my boss doesn’t care, I don’t care. The work is professional, my behavior is but being comfortable means something. If you want to wear NASCAR merch on TV then do it because 90% of the race we don’t see the announcers.

I’d rather have the relaxed booth shooting the shit and calling the race than the stuffy suits booth with Rick Allen screaming to me about David and Goliath. Keep it up with the relaxed booth it makes the race more enjoyable and less stale.

Also, of course, Brad K thinks suits are needed. Dude is such an old-school traditionalist he probably doesn’t think women should be in the workplace.

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