Sunday Might Be Jeff Gordon’s Last Race In The Broadcast Booth

When Fox wraps up their coverage on Sunday at Sonoma their portion of the season will come to an end as they hand off to NBC. Jeff Gordon’s broadcasting career may also come to an end on Sunday as well.

Jeff Gordon’s contract with Fox runs out at the end of this season and so far he has not re-signed with the media giant. Not having Gordon’s services secured for 2019 and the future has had people questioning what that four-time champs future plans are.

Gordon Re-Signs w/Fox

Maybe Jeff Gordon and Fox just haven’t agreed on a new deal yet. Perhaps Gordon will be back in Daytona with Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy just like he has been the last three seasons.

Gordon has brought a knowledge of what it takes to drive the Gen 6 car to the booth, something Darrell Waltrip cannot bring. Gordon has brought a new voice to the booth as well, a desperate breath of fresh air Fox needed. Unfortunately, Fox kicked Larry Mac out of the booth instead of Waltrip.

The clashes between Gordon and Waltrip aren’t a secret. The two have clashed on camera more than once and you have to assume off the air they’ve had discussions more than once. Maybe they’ll get it all worked out and Gordon will sign a new two-three year deal.

Gordon Leaves Broadcasting For Hendrick

Gordon remains an equity partner in Hendrick Motorsports. In the past two years, he has mentioned that his role within the company has grown. Rick Hendrick has also mentioned how he would like Gordon to be a bigger part of the company. In my opinion, the future head of Hendrick Motorsports is Jeff Gordon and transitioning him into that position is something the company would like to do sooner than later.

If you look at the Jeff Gordon fan club the VIP packages that Gordon offers at the race track will end after Sonoma this weekend and not return in 2019. This has fueled speculation that Gordon won’t be back with Fox next season. All of the VIP packages happened during the Fox portion of the schedule when Gordon would be at the track.

There is also the conflict of interest. Brad Keselowski has called out Gordon in the past for his bias toward the Hendrick cars. He’s not necessarily wrong but the Waltrip’s have personal service contracts with Toyota and are incredibly biased toward the brand when talking about them. A conflict of interest makes sense but NASCAR’s broadcasting teams are full of them.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Gordon is more than likely gone from the booth. It served as a solid transition from driving to retirement. Broadcasting allowed him to be at the track, around all the guys and everything that he loved about driving without having the stress of actually driving. Three years later he’s content with his decision and is looking for a different role in the sport. A role that likely includes ownership and eventually the responsibility of running Hendrick Motorsports.

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