Red Bull Are Headed To Honda But For How Long?

After 12 happy turned contentious years with Renault, Red Bull is finally moving on from the French manufacturer. In an announcement, everyone saw coming from the Milton Keynes outfit Red Bull have announced they will be a Honda team in 2019 and 2020.

Red Bull and Renault have had a falling out in recent years to the point Red Bull have branded their Renault power units as Tag Heuer. That’s a watch company, not an engine manufacturer so you could say the relationship was contentious, to say the least.

With Renault, the team won 4 Driver’s and Constructor’s World Championships and 57 wins. One of the most dominant and successful partnerships in the history of the sport. A decade from now the sport will look back on Vettel’s titles with Adrian Newey’s car and marvel at the accomplishment.

In recent years the Red Bull/Renault relationship soured as the Red Bull brass called out Renault. With the introduction of the V6 hybrid power unit, Renault fell behind Mercedes and ultimately Ferrari. Red Bull moaned and complained but the performance in only a way a spoiled F1 team could. Because of that fallout, Red Bull has decided to go in a different direction.

Greetings From Japan

After McLaren dumped Honda because of their own shortcomings the Japanese manufacturer teamed up with Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso to show that they, in fact, do know what they’re doing.

Turns out Honda may not have been the entire problem at McLaren. In 2018 so far the team has only experienced on power unit issue in a race and have recorded a season-best 4th place finish in Bahrain. Honda will eventually figure this power unit out, they’re too proud of a company to accept failure and when they do figure it out someone is going to have a stout unit in the back of their car.

WIll Red Bull win races next season? Maybe, Honda needs a little more power but with a Newey designed car, they might be able to steal a win or two here and there. We found out this year you can be seconds slower at Monaco and still win the race. Is this power unit switch enough to keep Daniel Ricciardo?

Red Bull and Honda have a deal for 2019 and 2020.

What About 2021?

Speculation is Red Bull will team up with Porsche as the German manufacturer looks to get into the sport. Teaming up with the Stuttgart factory makes sense from a geographic standpoint and Austrians are basically Germans.

Red Bull desperately wants to be the number one team for an engine supplier. Whether that is becoming the factory Honda team or the factory Porshe team they no longer want to play second fiddle to the Renault factory team. Which is fine but the factory better be providing a superior solution.

Red Bull is just out here doing Red Bull things. Complaining, changing, complaining, and complaining some more. They finally followed through with a threat for the first time ever, someone in Milton Keynes finally manned up.

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