Michael Andretti, Formula 1 Team Owner? Liberty Media Wants An American Owner

Formula 1 is abuzz with the possibility the most famous name in racing joining the ranks of F1 ownership.

Michael Andretti spent last weekend in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix. He was accompanied by Alexander Rossi’s father as they made some interesting stops around the paddock. Andretti is rumored to be elbows deep in negotiations with McLaren about partnering on an IndyCar team in 2019 with Fernando Alonso as the driver. He’s also rumored to be interested in Formula 1.

Andretti made a number of stops including a meeting with Sprint CEO Michel Combes who is rumored to be interested in sponsoring Alonso’s foray into American open-wheel racing. Michael was the man of the hour in the McLaren compound this weekend.

The interesting part here is Alexander Rossi’s father partnering Andretti on the trip. Andretti doesn’t need Rossi’s father there to negotiate, hold his hand, or possibly translate some French for him. He could have been there, however, to see how his son could fit into a Formula One team’s plans.


That’s right, there is growing speculation that Andretti and his investors may be interested in purchasing Force India for pennies on the dollar as Vijay Mallya attempts to fund his legal fight to keep himself out of a slum prison in Mumbai. Andretti alone can’t afford a Formula 1 team, his estimated net worth on the always trusty celebrity net worth site is a mere $40M. However, a name can help you afford it.

The name Andretti though is worth millions around the world and armed with investors Michael could make a play for the struggling outfit of pink cars. While Michael Andretti would love to be in Formula 1, Liberty Media would equally love to have him in the series as well. As the media conglomerate looks to grow the sport within America a high profile American owner with the last name as famous as Andretti would be a huge get.


Tax evading American owner with a German technical director, French and Danish drivers and no real ties to America outside of that faux building in Mooresville, NC.

Andretti F1

Michael Andretti and Alexander Rossi’s father were spotted together at the Force India compound over the Canadian GP weekend. Maybe they were stopping in to say hello. They were in Canada and being polite is a requirement. Or they could have stopped in to talk about the future of the team and allow Rossi’s father to gauge what sort of an operation his son will be in.

Rossi has won an Indy 500, the Long Beach Grand Prix, and at Watkins Glen in the IndyCar series. He’s in the hunt for the championship this season and he’s still young. Rossi wants to be in Formula 1, he wants to prove his skill at the highest level. IndyCar isn’t his forever home if Andretti can secure Force India he already has a driver ready to go.

Not just a driver but an American driver who can get the job done, at a level Force India is accustomed too. Liberty Media wants an American team with an American driver. They aren’t hosting two races here in 2019 for the hell of it. Two domestic races with a domestic team and driver would do wonders for the sport in America.

Andretti F1 might be happening, but Micahel is about to give anyone a scoop.

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