Cool Down Lap: Sebastian Vettel Is The Best Parade Driver Of Them All

Our friendly neighbors in the north hosted F1 this weekend as the series made its first trip to North America this season. A race in the eastern time zone is never a bad thing but a parade race is a bad thing. Sebastian Vettel won a very expensive parade on Sunday that looked more like something we’d watch Thanksgiving morning than a Sunday in June from Montreal.

Follow The Leader, Follow The Leader, Follow The Leader

One can ask the question if drivers knew there was an actual race happening yesterday. Following a safety car on the first lap, no one told the drivers the race restarted. They followed each other around for 68 (not 70) laps until the race was over. Everyone got out of their cars very confused. As drivers looked around at one another Vettel grabbed the champagne and started spraying, for a moment Kimi Raikkonen thought he won thanks to the flag being shown to him first.

Canada has two good passing zones and neither were utilized very much if at all. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one of the best on the calendar and Sunday was one of the most boring races since every Spanish GP.

Stroll Destroys Hartley


Hometown “hero” Lance Stroll spent most of the weekend just trying to survive. On lap one a little oversteer sent him into Brendon Hartley and the Toro Rosso climbed the wall, shed a tire and retired against the barriers.

Williams is having a nightmare season and every driver wants to have a solid home GP. For Stroll, that home GP lasted 5 corners. Fans rag on Stroll incessantly but you have to feel for the kid this week. Instead, he went home before the race even started and Williams is rumored to be offering his services to other teams.

Hartley remains employed as of Monday morning.

Poor Nando

Fernando Alonso’s 300 Grand Prix weekend lasted only 40 laps before he retired with an exhaust issue. The Spaniard is wasting away in Formula 1 at this point. McLaren has failed to give him a competitive car and the 2-time champ is likely looking at making a move to the IndyCar Series in 2019 with McLaren.

Pre-mature Finish

Like most of the owners in the pitlane, the race finished prematurely on Sunday. Model Winnie Harlow waved the checkered flag on lap 68 of the Grand Prix ahead of the competition on lap 70. Because of that, the race had to be classified after 68 laps per the sporting regulations.

Harlow says the marshall told her to wave it so direct your anger at that guy. Vettel was very confused by the flag being waved considering he was on the back side of the track and saw it on the video board. Kimi Raikkonen had to be equally confused because he was shown the flag first. He should have pulled a Robby Gordon and celebrated as if he won.

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