GREAT NEWS! Robin Miller Is Cancer Free

Last season when Robin Miller couldn’t shake his cough/illness he went missing from This Week In IndyCar with Marshall Pruett. We thought about putting his mug on a milk carton or two to find him. Marshall kept having Robin on and kept pushing it off like a bad case of the flu or something even though it was something much worse. Finally Robin went totally missing and Marshall kept wishing him the best while all of us were left wondering.

Robin Miller was diagnosed with a treatable form of bone cancer. Following some treatment and some great fundraising by Marshall, IndyCar’s loudest advocate isn’t ready to stop yelling at the series yet.

Robin is a polarizing character. The hipsters seem to hate him or dismiss him, the older crowd still adores him. For myself Robin has always been the last real IndyCar reporter still out there plugging away, filing stories, getting quotes and generally not giving a damn about what he says. Robin has always represented the good in IndyCar regardless if you like him or not. Sports need passionate media members to be apart of them regardless if they agree or disagree with the direction of the series. One thing about Robin is he’s genuine, unlike NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip you know Robin Miller will say how he actually feels.

It appears Robin’s grid walk will be back this IndyCar season as well. According to Marshall Pruett’s Twitter Robin will be in Phoenix and Long Beach. NBCSN just secured IndyCar’s broadcast rights for the next three seasons in 2019 and Robin Miller best be apart of their plans.

Everyone should be looking forward to seeing Robin erratically walk around the grounds at Indianapolis this May. Look for him carrying another limited edition sweatshirt that people will inevitably beg to buy as he scarfs down a pork tenderloin.

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