Here Are Pictures Of Martinsville Speedway Covered In Snow, There’s A Race In Less Than 18 Hours

NASCAR is in the foothills of southern Virginia for their annual spring race at Martinsville Speedway. Typically it’s a mildly chilly weekend that is a little too early in the year. This year bitch ass Puxatawney Phil told us winter would be coming to an end soon. Instead, it’s March 24th and it’s snowing in Martinsville.

In less than 18 hours NASCAR’s Monster Energy Cup Series teams will be taking to the track for the STP 500. The lineup was set by owner’s points thanks to rain, sleet, snow mix that postponed the truck series race from Saturday to Sunday. Unlike the US Postal Service NASCAR does not adhere to the “neither rain nor snow”, a little snow and everyone is losing their minds.

A sport based in the south freaks out when snow is around. Driver’s were posting pictures from the coach lot, crew members were walking to the track to take pictures. Parking will be horrendous in the morning, I’m talking Kentucky Speedway circa 2000 when the parking lots turned into slop holes, quicksand-like conditions not even Harrison Ford could have escaped from. Parking is going to be a nightmare, everything else should be fine tomorrow morning.

Jet dryers produce hot air. Snow melts with heat, turning it into water. Air Titan’s suck up water, NASCAR will be able to race tomorrow. ApexOff’s NASCAR Focused First Weather Center feels confident about the odds to race tomorrow based on science. YEAH, SCIENCE!

Here are some pictures from the track Saturday Night;

What To Expect On Sunday

  • Fox’s pre-race show will be snow themed. Whatever snow themed properties FOX owns will find their ways into the show. We’ll have snowball fights, snowmen will be built, school closing jokes will be made. OMG will Denny and Chase have a snowball fight after the race? Have you ever? No, I’ve never, Darrell.
  • Definitely going to be a time lapse of the snow covering the track tonight, 2/1 chance of that happening.
  • Driver’s will be like “oh man, we’ve never seen anything like this before.”
  • Spotters will be complaining. Can’t wait to hear TJ Majors and Bret Griffin complain about it for an hour on DBC Monday.
  • Bristol 2006 will be talked about so many times you’ll think this race is at Bristol.
  • Some graphic of the highest amount of snow at a NASCAR track will show up at some point.
  • How cold it is. Temps will be in the mid 30’s and we’ll hear about how cold it is. Like the rest of the country has never experienced anything below 60.
  • Joey Logano smiling and talking about growing up in Connecticut.
  • Kevin Harvick telling us how it doesn’t snow in Bakersfield. No shit, Kev. It gets so hot you all put aluminum foil over the windows to keep the heat out like you’re the shuttle reentering the atmosphere. Except you live in eastern Califonia’s desert region.
  • Larry will somehow manage to make a snowstorm sound southern, haven’t figured out how yet but he will.

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