Throwback: Jeff Gordon v. Jimmie Johnson Atlanta 2011, Best Race No One Saw


What’s the best race no one saw?

Atlanta in 2011 saw massive amounts of rain at the most inopportune times. Like a guy trying to get laid but the Reds happen to be in town. NASCAR battled the rain only to have their hopes dashed on Sunday. They tried again on Monday to no avail. On Tuesday, the rain cleared long enough. It was still a little questionable, safety equipment was on standby. There were minor issues but overall it was a success.

On Tuesday afternoon NASCAR ran their annual race at Atlanta. What happened in the closing laps would become folklore. Like Wilt fucking 20k women, only the people there saw it. Or a college student in Cincinnati skipping Constitutional Law.

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson went head to head in the closing laps. Blow after blow coming at Jeff Gordon, the veteran dodging each punch like he was The One. Johnson throwing haymaker after haymaker like an inbred redneck at the Rough and Rowdy. Unfortunately for Johnson, he couldn’t find a way to get around Gordon. As the two slid more than the DK the drift king, Gordon won his 85th race. A race that no one saw on a Tuesday in the Atlanta suburbs.

Gordon got a sweet compilation picture of all his wins. Hey, Jeff here is this picture and solid proof you’ll only ever be able to be third best on the all time wins list. You know, because NASCAR counts pre-modern era wins toward the all-time win total which is stupid. Stepping off my soapbox now but still mean mugging the shit out of NASCAR for that.

Watch the entire battle:

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