Can’t See The Toro Rosso Honda Blow Up If It’s Raining

Look at Toro Rosso coming in here with the jokes. The team posted an “original” photo of their 2018 car the STR13. Instead of a leaked photo, some named Ned took with his Canon outside of the circuit. We got a fresh new picture of the brand spanking new Honda.

Better than that Type-R your dealer is trying to sell you over MSPR. This baby is here for the 2018 season to make up for the disaster that was McLaren Honda for the last 3 years. Toro Rosso was so excited to show off their new car they released a shot of it driving in the wet, and not crashing.

Something interesting about this picture. Like when you go through a girls Instagram and you’re on the fence and then something catches your eye, “why is that there?” you think.

Did Toro Rosso run the car on a wet track to create a spray behind the car to hide the smoke when the engine expired? Can’t blow up if you can’t see the smoke.

We see what you’re doing Toro Rosso, trying to pull a fast one on us. Can’t fool the internet though, we know what you’re doing here. Shamboozling us into thinking everything is fine and dandy. NOT SO FAST. That Honda engine is generally good for about 32 miles before issues. We all saw the McLaren experiment, that will be written about in history books as a test of the human spirit.

Until the first test and we see the Honda doesn’t break down after lap one we’re all to assume that engine is still as reliable as Marvin Lewis in the playoffs. After all, this is the same engine supplier that saw over 30 powerplant failures between 2015-2017. You can be Miss South Carolina at math and even you know that’s not a great ratio.

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